Rasheeda Frost’s Sweet Birthday Post to Kirk Derails After Fans Call Him Out on Smug Look

Rasheeda Frost fans apparently have a bone to pick with Kirk Frost.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” fashionista celebrated her husband’s birthday on Jan. 30, with a series of couple photos. She even wrote in her Instagram caption, “Happy Birthday to my Best Friend/Hubby @frost117  we’ve celebrated countless birthdays & every year gets better & better. I’m so very blessed to have you by my side & wish you nothing but unconditional love & blessings my soulmate! ??❤️”

In each image Rasheeda uploaded, Kirk is seen with a scowling expression on his face compared to his cheerful and smiling wife. 

Fans pointed it all out in Rasheeda’s comment section.

All I see is under eye bags …. Kirk was not happy then and he ain’t happy now. …. you the only one happy ?”

“Kirk just always looks like he doesn’t wanna b there ?”

“He never smiles he looks unhappy”

Rasheeda and Kirk have knowingly experienced a few unhappy times in their marriage.

During season 4 of “LHHATL,” Kirk cheated on his wife with 29-year-old former stripper Jasmine Washington. Not to mention, the pair had a love child, 3-year-old Kannon. 

Last July, the Frosts and Washington got into a hugesocial media spat after she claimed Kirk was inactive in their son’s life. She also claimed Kirk and Rasheeda were putting up a front on television and never see baby Kannon without the cameras rolling.

“They are tv parents,” said the former stripper in a now deleted Instagram post July 29. “I expect Kirk to be there like a f–king father. … I dnt ask for much! But surely you can take out an hour of your ‘busy schedule’ to see him for his bday or pick him up for example. … I dnt even gaf that sis wants to hold me more accountable than her husband, but KANNON ain’t do sh-t to none of y’all.”

Neither Rasheeda nor Kirk has responded to Washington. The “Boss” chick made it extremely clear last season on “LHHATL” that she wanted nothing to do with Washington. 

As for her and Kirk, the couple reconciled their marriage during season seven of the reality show. Rasheeda felt her husband was owed another chance in their marriage.

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