Rapper Wale Is Being Called A DEADBEAT DAD!!!

Rapper Wale is being accused of being a deadbeat father..

The hip hop star is being accused by his babys mother’s sister – of being a deadbeat dad to his adorable little girl, Zyla.

Here are pics of Wale’s daughter Zyla with her aunt – the one who is accusing him of being a deadbeat:

And here’s a pic of Wale’s baby’s mother with their daughter:

Wale’s baby’s mother Chloe Alexis is a very private woman, and she hasn’t yet spoken up about her failed relationship with Wale. But Alexis’ sister, who goes by the name Cashandjewels, is anything BUT private.She went on social media last week, and claimed that Wale is a fake – and a deadbeat. Wale recently released a song called Black Girl Magic that celebrates Black women.

But Cashandjewels says Wale is a hypocrite. She says he doesn’t really believe in supporting “Black girls”, because he doesn’t “f*ck with” his own Black daughter.

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