Rah Digga Had The Perfect Response To Lord Jamar’s Inflaming Comment On Female Rappers

In one hasty generalization moment after another, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar is the latest to spark an internet-wide upset from his commentary about female rappers.

“I don’t f**k with female rappers,” he stated last week on Rapmatic, Bosschick Raine’s web series. Citing his justification for such a bold position to his attitude toward “white rappers and wack rappers,” he explained that he couldn’t relate to the lyrical subject matter of female rap.

He went on to send a thumbs-up at women he feels can “rhyme good,” like his co-host, Rah Digga, and salute his favorite lady emcees like Lauryn Hill. But overall, the specific hip-hop demographic doesn’t resonate with him, and his categorization for female rap falls into the same one as “themes of sucker sh**” and “white people themes,” he said.

As for music that does resonate, Jamar pointed to “militant, gangsta, and sometimes misogynistic music” instead. According to him, masculinity is the foreground for hip-hop music, while the “feminine side” is left to R&B.

Expectedly, the 50-year-old’s remarks drew heavy retaliation from both male and female hip-hop heads. Several reactions unmasked the misogynistic foundation of his mentality while addressing the perpetuation of male chauvinism through his commentary as well.

Considering his platform on the Yanadameen GODCAST beside someone who happens to be a female rap star herself, the aforementioned Rah Digga, the rage against his thoughts became even more pressing. Thus, fans took their concerns to the Flipmode Squad rhymer, who shooed the controversy away in a couple of tweets.

Responding to a tweeter who urged her to respond on behalf of all the female emcees, Rah simply responded that his opinion was just that—an opinion. “And the second last thing I care about (the last being ANYBODY’S opinion on ANYTHING) is Lord Jamar’s opinion of female rappers

She addressed another mention questioning why he had a platform to begin with, to which Rah explained was actually a win-win situation for herself. “I get to cuss him out and smoke the highest grades of marijuana,” she replied. “Please don’t steal my thunder.”

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