Rah Ali Thinks Remy Ma is “Furious” Over Megan Thee Stallion Out-Succeeding Her

The “scallywag” drama continues.

Remy Ma’s “scallywag” comments about Megan Thee Stallion are once again a topic for discussion. On a recent episode of State of the Culture, the panel discussed Brittany Renner’s Rolling Loud interview with Megan where she called the rapper a “scallawag” and “b*tch” affectionately. Remy stated that she didn’t take offense to the latter, but the word “scallywag” made her uncomfortable. However, she looked up the definition and said that the term just may describe who Megan is.

The definition of scallywag, it was saying something like someone who does bad things, or they do bad actions, but they’re praised for it,” Remy said in jest. “They’re known…it’s a good thing. So, I’m like, Megan, she be talkin’ that sh*t. Sh*ttin’ on n*ggas, violatin’ them or whatever, and that’s why she’s like, championed for that.”

Rah Ali—known for her stint on Love & Hip Hop: New York, her violent beef with Sky from Black Ink Crew, her war of words with Cardi B, and for being one of Nicki Minaj’s besties—took to her show to talk about Remy’s remarks. As far as Rah is concerned, Remy’s comments weren’t jokes but instead came from jealousy because Megan has surpassed Remy as an artist.

“It’s really hard when you are an artist who’s been in a particular industry for eons, and to watch these young girls come into what you feel is your craft that you feel that you’ve mastered, and watch them surpass you,” she said. “Imagine being someone like Remy who feels like she is so gifted and so much better than these other artists. In her mind, she’s better than them. Watch them come in and surpass you and do units. I’m sure she is furious. I’m sure [Papoose] is in that living room with her telling her that she got next, still.”

Rah’s co-hosts go on to take jabs at Remy while mocking her voice as they all laughed at the New York emcee. Later, Rah stated that Remy isn’t topping the charts because she’s “so focused on being overly agressively lyrical…I don’t think that she has understood and established that the sound has changed. You gotta get with it.” 

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