R. Kelly’s Former Girlfriend Azriel Clary Shows Off Her New House After Moving Out of His Condo

New digs! R. Kelly’s former girlfriend Azriel Claryshowed off her new house on Instagram after moving out of the 52-year-old’s condo in Trump Tower back in November. The 22-year-old is slowly but surely becoming more vocal on social media following some big life changes.

Baby steps [are] better than no steps,” she wrote with a party emoji while opening the door to her new home. The camera panned over a gorgeous foyer with a fireplace and pristine wood floors. Azriel also showed her followers her luxurious master bathroom with a flat-screen TV and a walk-in closet. “When you’re humble, your blessings are that much sweeter,” she wrote with a butterfly emoji and the hashtag “diditallbymyself.”

Prior to Azriel’s house tour, she shared a cryptic message on her Instagram Story. “Only I can write my wrongs, and that’s what I’m going to do,” she said with a shooting star emoji. “I hope y’all ready,” she added with a bowing emoji and butterfly.

In recent weeks, Azriel has been feeling herself on social media, sharing pictures of her new look and even singing a few bars. Although she has shared plenty of highlights, she has exposed some of her low points too.

I need a hug,” Azriel tweeted on December 29. “And, truthfully, I wouldn’t care if it came from a person living on the street at this point. If you see me, hug me.” Even though many offered to embrace the beauty, her dad was just what she needed. “Your daddy has the biggest hug for you, and it’s here for you at any time!!!” her father, Angelo Clary, wrote. “I love you deeply, my queen!!! The world will always make you feel a certain way, but it’s up to you to keep your head up and bless people that support you!!”

After previously bashing her parents back in March in an interview with Gayle King, it looks like they have made amends since she left the disgraced R&B singer’s grasp. We are happy to see Azriel moving on from her life with Kelly and looking forward to the future.

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