R. Kelly Asks To Be Released To GF’s Pad Next To Mall: Report

R. Kelly is trying to get out on bond but it might not work since his girlfriend’s new place is right next to a mall.

R. Kelly has been doing whatever he can at this point to get released on bond. According to The Blast, the embattled singer has made yet another attempt to get released from prison, especially as the spread of Coronavirus gets more serious with each passing day. Kelly’s lawyer filed documents requesting that he’s placed under house arrest if he posts a bond and offers that he moves into Joycelyn Savage’s new spot. His attorney said that the Chicago MCC is dangerous at the moment due to COVID-19 and said that he’s not able to meet with his lawyers to build his case.

Joycelyn Savage recently moved out of his Trump Tower condo into a more modest spot in comparison. However, the publication states that Joycelyn’s new pad is right next to a mall and that fact was failed to mention in the documents. Since Kelly has been accused of sex crimes against underage girls, it seems concerning if he lived next to a plaza that housed shops like H&M, Old Navy, a movie theatre and Victoria Secret that obviously attract a younger audience. 

R. Kelly has been fighting to be released from prison ever since his 2019 arrest. As the COVID-19 pandemic has urged officials to practice social distancing, inmates at Chicago MCC have not been able to have any visitors.

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