Quavo went on the warpath inside a Paris club, unleashing his anger — and a few punches — on staffers and a famous dancer with ties to Beyonce.

The Migos rapper showed up to Palais Maillot nightclub Thursday for an after-party. The event was a celebration for Offset’s Paris Fashion Week show … but a witness tells us Quavo arrived after Offset and Cardi had already left.

We’re told security working the party didn’t realize Quavo was Quavo, and stopped him at the entrance. The witness says that’s when one of the dancers from Les Twins — who toured with Beyonce — stepped in and told security to let Qua inside.

Once inside, Quavo was clearly pissed and struck a staff member. You can see in the video we got, he’s so angry he even punches the Twins dancer who was trying to help him!!

Cops were not called to the club … and Quavo didn’t stay much longer.

As for Offset, his fashion show went off without a hitch … as Cardi B’s outfit was one of the most talked about from all the Fashion Week events.

Sooo, basically … SMASH hits all around.

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2 thoughts on “QUAVO THROWS PUNCHES IN PARIS CLUB!!! NOW You Know Me, Right???

  1. Sounds like he was either high on something OR pissed because they didn’t realize or recognize that he was A
    Quavo. Here we go again with a nigga far far away from home acting like a jackass. He hasn’t heard the last of this he’ll probably get sued.

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