Quality Control’s “Pee” Denies Lira Galore’s Abuse Claims – Says He’s The Real Victim!

The music label head accused of beating Lira Galore while she was pregnant says he was the one being abused in their relationship.

Pierre “Pee” Thomas said Galore would get violent with him especially when she was off her head on “various illegal substances,” according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

Thomas also denied Galore’s contention that he pummeled her during most of her pregnancy with their daughter Khaleesi, who was born earlier this year. In fact, Thomas said he never emotionally or physically abused Galore in any way.

Thomas’ claims fly in the face of Galore’s abuse allegations, which came to light when Thomas sued Galore for joint custody of the baby.

Galore accused Thomas of savagely attacking her on multiple occasions, only to bribe her with cash and a car to entice her to stay.

But in his reply, Thomas said that if he was such a violent partner, then why did Galore wait months to sue him and allow him to have unsupervised parenting time with the baby?

Galore had not responded to Thomas’ allegations as of Dec 16.

A judge hasn’t yet ruled on the case.

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