QC’s Pierre Thomas Claims Lira Galore Is Asking For Too Much Child Support, Says She’s ‘Harassing’ Him

Quality Control Music honcho Pierre “Pee” Thomas is questioning the amount of money Lira Galore is requesting in child support for their daughter, Khalessi. And he claims the way she’s going about getting her coins in court is a form of harassment. Oh? Deets inside…

Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas and his daughter’s mom Lira Galore are still at war in family court.

Months after reports that the IG model was looking to file a restraining order against Pee, he’s now claiming she’s harassing him with the way she’s going about getting child support for their almost one-year-old daughter, Khalessi.

Baby K will celebrate her first birthday this month.

According to new court documents (obtained by Bossip), Pee feels like Lira’s child support expenses for their daughter were “suspect.” She’s asking for $100/month in grooming, $500/month for toys, $1,000/month for clothing, and $2,400/month for childcare, which totals $4,000/month in child support.

He claims he has already given her copies of his last three tax returns in their child support and custody cases, but she’s reportedly asking for more information, specifically information about his assets. He feels like she’s asking for too muchnow and it’s a form of harassment.

“Such disclosures are not relevant to the issues raised in the above-styled matter and are being sought as means of harassment,” he wrote in the paperwork.

Pee went on to say that Lira has her “own substantial income” and that “they both step up financially to care for the baby.” He said the amount he has to pay “should be in the child’s best interest.”

Previously, Lira estimated Pee’s net worth at over $50 million.

This all started in December 2019 when Pee sued Lira in order to get access to their daughter. She responded to the lawsuit with abuse accusations, claiming Pee physically assaulted her in 5 separate altercations while she was PREGNANT with his child. She sued him for $15 million. Then, Pee responded with claims that Lira was physically abusive to him while using drugs throughout their relationship.

Back in January, there were reports that Lira was looking to file a restraining order against Pee because he allegedly exhibited “menacing behavior” during a custody court hearing. And they’re still at each other’s necks. The toxicity of it all…

At this point, Pee and Lira need to just cough up whatever documents were requested by the judge, so he/she can make a ruling, and they can get on with their lives.

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