Prosecutors Shoot Down R. Kelly’s Claims Of Poor Health

R. Kelly has been using the COVID-19 outbreak to get out of jail, but prosecutors have dismissed his claims of poor health — and have advised him to work out in the gym if he wants to stay in good health.

In documents obtained by The Blast, prosecutors say nothing has changed since Kelly’s first attempt. They say his “recent diagnosis of prediabetes” does not warrant him being released. 

His lawyer had claimed that Kelly had shown signs of having high blood pressure and cholesterol — but they said his claims are bogus, writing “the defendant has not been diagnosed with hypertension; nor has he been prescribed any medication to treat high blood pressure.”

Prosecutors also stated that Kelly saw a doctor while in prison on May 1. and that during the 45-minute visit, he was advised to do regular exercises, take multivitamins, and B-12 for nerve health.

Kelly complained about not being able to eat prison food or exercise in his small room.

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