Prosecutors Concerned About R. Kelly’s Reading Issues & Demand Video Conference

R. Kelly’s attempt to waive his arraignment in writing has failed miserably, and it’s all because of an alleged reading disability.

Last week, R. Kelly was hit with a superseding 12-count indictment with a new charge of bribery, over allegations he helped orchestrate the purchase of a fake I.D. so he could marry the late singer Aaliyah.

R. Kelly, who is sitting in prison in the Cook County Jail in Chicago, claimed he was too scared to fly to a hearing in New York to face the new allegation.

Last week, he took it a step further when his lawyer Steven Greenberg asked the court if R. Kelly could just skip the entire arraignment and plead not guilty in writing.

Greenberg admitted he had to read the complaint to the troubled R&B singer, who supposedly completely “understood” the indictment.

“I have met with Mr. Kelly, provided him with a copy of the Superseding Indictment, read it to him, and made sure that he understands it,” R. Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg revealed in court last week.

But U.S. Prosecutors trying R. Kelly are not taking any chances.

“Attorneys for the defendant have previously stated that the defendant ‘suffers from a learning disability that adversely affects his ability to read,’ and that ‘in essence he cannot,” wrote U.S. Prosecutor Richard P. Donoghue. “Accordingly, the government submits that an arraignment by video will best ensure that the defendant has a sufficient understanding of the charges returned against him.”

Prosecutors are demanding R. Kelly be ordered to attend the conference on December 18th. 

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