Princess Love Files For Full Custody And Wants Ray J To Pay Child Support For Their 2 Children

Word On The Curb…..Not too long ago, we reported that Princess Love had officially filed for divorce from Ray J and now it appears she’s asking for full custody of their two children.

According to legal documents obtained byThe Blast, Princess Love is asking for full legal and physical custody of their babies, 2-year-old Melody and 4-month-old Epik.

Princess is asking the court to allow Ray J visitation of their children, and most likely establish some sort of custody arrangement.

Princess is also asking a judge to force Ray J to pay child support and wants the court to order that she does not have to support Ray in any way.

Princess is asking for legal custody as well. That parental right normally includes making medical and education decisions for the children.

According to The Blast, it is usually a sign in Hollywood that the break-up is not a good one, and she doesn’t want him to have any say over important decisions in the children’s lives.

Princess also says in the legal documents that the amount of money to be split between the couple is ‘to be determined’ which usually signals the former couple has to split some marital assets.

Ray J didn’t immediately comment on the filing and it’s unclear whether he plans to fight her custody request.

Unfortunately, it looked like Princess’ move to divorce Ray J was a long time coming. Incidents leading up to the birth of their son showed that their relationship was on the rocks.

Princess even went live before the birth of their baby to say that she wanted a divorce after he allegedly left her stranded in Las Vegas while she was pregnant, so this may not be a surprise to those who have been keeping up on the tea.

Regardless of whether the two work things out or proceed with the filing, we hope they can keep things amicable for the babies. We’ll keep you posted!

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