Preachhhhhh.. Trouble Shades Ex Alexis Skyy: ‘I’m Not Sacrificing My Privacy For 2K An Episode!!’

Rapper Trouble appeared to throw shade at his recent ex, Alexis Skyy – telling his followers that he isn’t prepared to “sacrifice” his privacy “for 2K an episode.”

His statement comes after the rapper found out that he was dumped via Instagram hours after he was captured on camera allegedly kissing a woman – who was definitely not Alexis. Alexis then posted a picture of herself, captioned “Single,” before deleting the caption and replacing it with black hearts.

“I’m not a love & hip hop n*gga who’s willing to sacrifice my peace, privacy & personal life for 2k an episode or sacrifice my sanity to Be ‘poppin’ or the ‘topic’ on Instagram. Sh*t Be lame AF to me! I Been Braxkin since middle school. We live in some real weirdo times an im Bool on alotta sh*t & Bullsh*t people. With that Being said…Miss me wit da f*ckery! We don’t live on da same typa time!” he wrote.

Now everybody knows how much Alexis is getting paid. Will they work it out or will it keep getting messier?

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