Porsha’s Worst Fear Is Confirmed, Cynthia’s Daughter Reveals She’s Fluid

Porsha says she had sex with Dennis, only to find out her suspicions were right.

It looks like Season 12 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is going to get harder before it gets easier for Porsha Williams.

On Sunday’s new episode, she revealed to Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss that Dennis McKinley took back the engagement ring he had given her after she claimed to have found incriminating text messages in his phone. He hadn’t been sleeping at the house since then, but she had a weak moment, which she told friend Shamea Morton about later.

Porsha told Shamea she and Dennis both took baby PJ to a doctor’s appointment. On their way home, Porsha said Dennis suggested they stop at a liquor store. She told him she’d have “a drink,” which of course turned into more than one. They started to watch a show, which turned into the whole series, and before Porsha knew it, she had slept with her ex. The next morning, he even kissed her on the lips and said, “Bye, baby.”

The whole ordeal confused Porsha, who said she was unimaginably hurt by what she said she found in his phone in addition to all the rumors she was reading about “in the blogs.” Not only that, but when Shamea said, “You’re pregnant again,” Porsha didn’t immediately shoot down the idea. When an off-camera producer asked during a later confessional if she was 100 percent certain she wasn’t pregnant, Porsha said, “No.”

However, it’s been months since this episode was filmed, so she would’ve revealed the news by now…right? We’ve reached out for comment.

Though Dennis has yet to be physically seen this season, he agreed to go to therapy with Porsha. Cameras captured a nervous Porsha heading into the doctor’s office and a hysterical Porsha walking out 35 minutes later. She sobbed in her car, then cried to her sister, Lauren Williams, when she got home.

Porsha told Lauren that Dennis started crying before the conversation even began, but she didn’t let it sway her. She wanted and needed to know the truth about her feelings that he had been unfaithful while she was pregnant. According to Porsha, he confirmed he had had sex with another woman.

“After I heard what I needed to hear, I just got up and stormed out,” she told her sister, elaborating in her confessional, “At that point, I didn’t wanna hear anymore, okay? Because for me, I had just heard my fiancé say that he actually had sex with someone while I was carrying our child. I didn’t wanna hear nothing else. There was nothing else I needed to hear, there was nothing else that he needed to say, I didn’t need to know the reasons, I didn’t need to know anything else.”

“To be disrespected at the most sacred time in your life is like, I just can’t forgive that. I’m looking at my daughter and telling her, ‘I’mma work it out. I’mma work it out,’ but some stuff is not forgivable. And I don’t think she would want me to deal with certain things,” she sobbed to Lauren, who was also cheated on when she was pregnant. Lauren opted to leave the father of her child.

“You also have to be an example for her,” Lauren reminded her sister, even though she admitted “it’s hard being a single mother. It’s not easy, and I don’t want that for you.” She started to cry as Porsha reassured her she did the best thing for her child and family.

Poor Porsha said she kept replaying all the happy moments, her pregnancy, how much he was there for her and vice versa, the conversations about the family they bothwanted to create. She wondered how he could be so involved with her while also being so “calculated.”

“The love I have for him, the love and what we were building — I would have never betrayed him,” she said. “He could have gotten sick, and his penis could’ve not even been working no more, and I would have never betrayed him. I loved him. And no one will understand it, but as closed up as I was when I met him, for me to blossom and open completely up to him is how hurt I am.”

“This feels very unforgivable,” she said.

Later, Cynthia’s daughter, Noelle, came home to visit from her first year in college. The two started talking about Cynthia’s happy relationship with Mike Hill, which prompted Cynthia to ask Noelle if she had “met anyone,” noting she had seen “a lot of cute guys” when she helped her move in.

“I definitely ended up meeting a couple of girls that I thought were cool in a romantic aspect,” Noelle said, to which Cynthia replied, “So you like guys and girls?”

“People like to try to box everybody in and put labels on everything, but I don’t really do that,” Noelle explained, to which Cynthia replied, “Okay, so you just like what you like.”

“Yeah,” Noelle replied. “And that’s just what it is. There’s a lot of attractive guys, and there’s a lot of attractive girls. It really just came out of nowhere a little bit. I just wasn’t really expecting it to happen. I definitely went through, ‘What does this mean?'”

Cynthia interrupted her daughter to make sure she knew that all she wanted was for her to be happy. “If you meet an amazing young lady,” she said, “that’s a blessing. If you meet an amazing young man, that’s a blessing. As long as they’re good people and they love and support you.”

Elsewhere, Kenya Moore went off on Cynthia over what Porsha told her Eva Marcille said last episode about not wanting to bring her kids around her because she doesn’t know her all that well. Kenya was fuming that Cynthia was seemingly defending Eva.

“I don’t know how Cynthia is picking her friends, but let’s just hope she’s not picking her men the same way,” Kenya vented to the camera.

When Cynthia told Eva about the ordeal, she was just as upset, only her anger was aimed at Porsha for saying anything to Kenya in the first place.

In other news, Marlo Hampton confided in Kandi that she had taken in her three nephews after their mother was hospitalized for mental illness. Kandi also said she and NeNe Leakeswere back on speaking terms after the latter texted her on her birthday.

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