Word On The Curb..Pooh Shiesty might not have shot the club security guard in Miami after all — at least that’s what the alleged victim’s saying now … claiming he doesn’t remember giving his original statement to cops.

PS’s attorneys, Bradford Cohen and Saam Zangeneh, filed a new motion this week with what they say is sworn testimony from the guard in question … who now claims he was on a powerful painkiller and unaware of what he was saying to the police when they first spoke.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Frivin Dor‘s transcribed interview with Pooh’s legal team is documented … and he’s on record saying he was given Dilaudid — a powerful opioid painkiller — when he first arrived at the hospital that night, which he now claims knocked him on his ass as he spoke to a detective about the matter, ’cause he doesn’t remember a thing.

In this new account, Dor suggests the commotion in the club might have been caused by a fan (the spinning type, not a person) that fell in a parking garage nearby. He also says he doesn’t recall Pooh aiming at him or even shooting at him.

According to the docs, he also said he doesn’t want to press charges, and doesn’t want officials in FL to contact him about this matter either … which Pooh’s lawyers say is enough for prosecutors to at least reconsider the decision not to release Pooh on bond.

It’s a full 180 from what was described in the affidavit used to bust Pooh last week … which gave a very detailed story about what supposedly happened.

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