Plenty Hoes Get Rings.. Lets See If She Makes It To The Alter..We All Know She Aint Save That Head And Pussie For Marriage.. #gagnation

Future and Lori Harvey have made it clear that this is more than just a fling. After reports claimed that the rapper is ready to put a ring on it — the two are now wearing wedding bands.

After Eliza Reign tipped the public off in a rant against her alleged baby daddy that he told her he was getting married, it seems she was telling the truth.

Lori shared a boomerang of herself and Taina Williams flaunting their rings with a titled that read ‘Wife Life.’ Fans made nothing of it until Future was also spotted with a ring on that finger.

As for as whether the two legally tied the knot is unknown but if it’s up to Steve Harvey — his stepdaughter won’t be walking his daughter down the aisle any time soon.

In a new report by Radar Online, a source says that Steve wants Lori to stay far away from rap’s biggest playboy.

‘Steve bit his lip through the Trey Songz romance and the Diddy romance and even the engagement to Memphis Depay, but he’s not going to stay quiet with this one. Future has a reputation that’s hard to ignore. He wants Lori to be careful with these bad boys.’

People have pointed out that the model is doing the exact opposite of what her parents warned her to. They feel that she took her father’s words ‘think like a man’ quite literally.

It’s not only the fact that Future jumps from woman to woman with quickness, but it would also make anyone cautious to be with the star because of his alleged eight children with eight baby mothers.

The last thing that has the game show host on edge is Future’s music that is heavily loaded with violent and drug-fueled lyrics.

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