Pleasure P’s Miami Arrest Captured On Body Cam, Hits Cops With “Do You Know Who I Am?”

Last Pretty Ricky’s Pleasure P was arrested Miami after pushing an employee at a fast-food restaurant. 

TMZ has acquired the body camera footage from the arresting officer and P played himself pretty badly. The video begins with the singer in handcuffs as the officer tries to explain what’s going on. As he’s being detained he tries to hit the cops with the classic “Do you know who I am?” line to which the officer replies “I don’t care who you are.”

The next video shows the fast-food employee explaining to the police officers what happened with P and why she called 911.

For his part, P still contends that he did nothing wrong and was wrongfully arrested. Hard to believe the Checkers employee just ups and calls the police on him for absolutely no reason whatsoever but whatever.

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