Petition To Fire Atlanta Housewives Eva – Called Porsha & Kenya ‘Nappy Headed Whoraaaas

Eva Marcille from the Real Housewives of Atlanta may be fired from the show, if a number of activist fans have their say.

On Sunday night’s episode of the show, Eva called Kenya and Porsha, two Brown skinned black women, “nappy heads.”

Eva, Kenya and Porsha are currently feuding. And the fallout began when Porsha asked Eva why she didn’t bring her kids to Kenya Moore’s presentation party for baby Brooklyn. Eva claimed that she didn’t know Kenya like that and wanted to make sure the energy was “right” before bringing her kids around. 

Porsha – in true Housewives fashion – went and told Kenya exactly what Eva said, and Kenya felt insulted.

Well on Sunday night’s episode of the Atlanta housewives, she took things way too far. She talked about snatching Kenya and Porsha’s edges and called the two women “nappy heads.”

“I am not here for the sh-t with these little nappy heads this year, I’m telling you,” she said while on the phone with Cynthia. “I will get all the South Central out on that a–.”

This isn’t the first time that Eva made a racially derogatory remark against a Brown skinned Black woman. Last season, Eva said that Shamea Morton, a friend to the show, is “is Black, but not with a ‘q” while comparing her to Blaque singer and former Season 11 co-star Shamari DeVoe

Yesterday a petition popped up, asking for Eva to be fired from the show, The petition is currently circulating on the website As of this morning, more than 2,000 people have signed it.

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