Part 3 of the RHOA Reunion Brings in the Lowest Ratings Ever for a Reunion

Real Housewives of Atlanta” just wrapped up another three-part reunion. It was the first time the cast ever had to do the entire reunion virtually, too. Regardless, the cast and Andy Cohen promised viewers that it would be one for the books. And they said the twists and turns would make it one of the best reunions ever taped.

Interestingly enough, part 3 of the reunion made history in another way. And this was probably not what the network thought would happen.

Part 3 of the reunion pulled in the worst ratings ever for an RHOA reunion.

When it comes to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunions, they oftentimes bring in huge ratings. This is due to the fact that the cast usually has a lot of drama when they come together to discuss what went down during the season. And some of the most memorable RHOA moments took place at a reunion.

However, this time around the RHOA reunion is making history in a very different way. And it’s not good news.

Part 3 of the reunion suffered a major drop in ratings. It pulled in 1,403,000 viewers. Part 2 of the reunion brought in 1,716,000 viewers. So that’s a loss of 313,000 viewers. Part one of the reunion had 1,642,000 viewers. So part 2 actually saw a small increase.

Part 3 pulling in 1,403,000 viewers makes it the lowest ratings ever for an RHOA reunion.

While it was a holiday weekend, “Married to Medicine LA” only saw a slight drop in ratings for the same night. Last Sunday, the LA ladies brought in 804,000 viewers, a season-high. The latest episode which aired during the holiday weekend had 753,000 viewers.

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