Papoose Pulled The Curtains Off Joe Budden’s Entire Man-Child Act

We know giving decent advice is the bare minimum but someone please give Papoose a trophy or at least a medallion in the form of a pair of timberlands. Something!

Last night on the ‘Love and Hip Hop New York’ premiere Papoose squashed Joe Budden’s entire pathological misogynistic act by pointing out his BS upfront. While being in denial about cheating on Cyn Santana, then blaming his fiancée for HIS sneakiness, Papoose broke Budden’s narcissism down in just a few words of advice.

Papoose: One of the things I’m noticing, you’re not acknowledging you was wrong for having that in the phone. You’re supposed to cater to your woman, bro. You proposed for a reason, don’t throw that away so fast.

Joe Budden: Pap, she ran. She left, not me.

Papoose: She left, you know why? That shows that a woman is not gonna tolerate YOU doing her wrong.

Budden: No, it shows that you lack effective communication as an adult.

Papoose: In that case, if you’re saying that bout her, if she looked in your phone and seen that, that shouldn’t have been a surprise.

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