Twitter Claims A1 Bentley From LAHH Is Now A Trans-Person!!

A1 Bentley, one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, is being called a trans-person by thousands of people on social media.

The eccentric record producer recently revealed his new look – and it has folks wondering whether he has a new gender identity.

In the image, that has already gone viral, A1 Bentley is wearing a female lace front wig. He’s also wearing women’s Gucci sunglasses. And of course, he was wearing nail polish.

A1 Bentley is currently married to R&B singer Lyrica Anderson. The two split up earlier this year after rumors of A1 cheating leaked onto social media.

But the two also have an infant child together – so Lyrica eventually took her husband back.

The real question is – did she get back her “husband” or does she now have a “wife?”

Here are some of the comments from Lyrica’s fans:

Ok Bentliana ?? come thru with the Carol Brady wig

Not with that trump hair

Idk how tf you married with a kid

Boy take yo mama wig off ???

aunty is that you? ???


Colin Kaepernick got a W on Sunday — and he’s got the Emmy to prove it!!

The Nike “Dream Crazy” commercial featuring the NFL quarterback had been nominated for a 2019 Creative Arts Emmy for Best Commercial … facing stiff competition from ads for Netflix and Apple.

But, Colin’s spot emerged victorious … and we’re told Colin and The Swoosh are PUMPED. Our sources tell us Kap is especially proud because he was involved in the creative process.

As we previously reported,  the ad was produced by the Wieden+Kennedy agency — a Portland-based company located near Nike’s headquarters. They famously produced the Terry Crews Old Spice commercials and Bud Lite’s “Dilly Dilly.”

The spot dropped back in September and featured Kap telling inspirational messages about overcoming the odds … while using other huge athletes to make his point.

“Don’t picture yourself wearing [Odell Beckham’s] jersey. Picture OBJ wearing yours,” Kap said.

He also referenced Shaquem Griffin, LeBron James and Serena Williams

“And, if you’re a girl from Compton, don’t just become a tennis player. Become the greatest athlete ever. Yeah, that’s more like it.”

Nike caught some flack for the ad because people took issue with Colin’s line, “Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Critics felt Colin didn’t really “sacrifice everything” since he still has millions in the bank — while military members who died in action really did sacrifice everything fighting for the country.

People burned their shoes and boycotted Nike — but it didn’t seem to have an affect on the company … the stock took a dip in the wake of the ad, but then bounced right back.

Wait..What? Pittsburgh Doctor Claims Antonio Brown Repeatedly Farted In His Face, Owes Him $11,500

 A Pittsburgh area doctor is the latest to file a lawsuit against former Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. 

Monroeville’s Dr. Victor Prisk has filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania claiming that Brown owes him $11,500 in unpaid fees. 

Not only that, according to the NY Post, Dr. Prisk claims Brown repeatedly farted in his face and laughed about it during a consultation where he showed up three hours late. 

Dr. Prisk said he was wary of signing Brown because of his “flighty” reputation for not paying his bills, Sports Illustrated reported.

TMZ even obtained video of the appointment in August of 2018 where Brown can be heard farting and laughing about it as Prisk tests his body fat. 

“It seemed just childish to me,” Prisk told Sports Illustrated. “I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face.”

Prisk runs Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness in Monroeville, he filed the suit earlier this month. 

The new allegations are part of a Sports Illustrated report in which another woman accused Brown of sexual misconduct in 2017 in Pittsburgh. 

The first accusation came days after the wide receiver was released from the Oakland Raiders and signed with the New England Patriots hours later.

His former trainer filed a federal lawsuit against Brown, accusing him of three separate accounts of sexual assault and rape.

Now, the Sports Illustrated report details the story of an anonymous woman who claims she was hired by Brown to paint a mural of him in his Pittsburgh home.

According to the report, Brown flirted with her and made her uncomfortable before the atmosphere “curdled.”

The woman told Sports Illustrated that she was kneeling and painting when she turned to find Brown standing behind her “naked, holding a small hand towel over his genitals.”

Not Again Kevin.. Kevin Hart Hit With $60M Lawsuit By Woman In Sex Tape

Kevin Hart’s sex tape partner claims Hart Conspired with a friend to secretly record their encounter, and now she’s suing him for $60M.

Montia Sabbag Claims in a new lawsuit her 2007 Encounter with Hart at a Vegas hotel was planned by Hart and JT Jackson his friend who was later arrested for extortion.

She said Hart was motivated by publicity..The need to get more. Especially with an upcoming comedy tour and that’s why he and JT hid the cameras.

The suit claims that Hart allowed Jackson into a Cosmopolitan Hotel suits so he could hide the cameras to capture the liaison

Jackson was later charged with 2 counts of extortion relating to alleged efforts to get money out of Hart to keep the tapes under wraps. Jackson denied ever extorting Kevin.

Hart has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the recording.. Claiming he, too was a Victim of Jackson’s extorting attempts.

You recall Kevin later apologized or his infidelity and was adamant nobody should profit off of his mistakes.

Kevin Hart is having a BAD month.

Get well soon Kev!

Will Smith & Angel Brinks Dragged Into $2 Million Court Battle With Duane & Tisha Campbell-Martin…Tisha On His Ass!

Will Smith has been dragged back into a million-dollar legal battle involving his close friends Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin, along with a “Basketball Wives” star.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Tisha Campbell-Martin is back in court attempting to block the sale of a $2.4 million home. She believes her ex-husband is playing games in the legal battle.

Tisha and Duane Martin are in the middle of a nasty divorce and separate bankruptcy battle. In their bankruptcy, Duane was accused of hiding a Chatsworth mansion under a company named Roxe LLC. Will Smith loaned Duane $1.4 million to save the home at one point.

Last month, Duane and the trustee reached a deal, where Smith would be paid back in full on $1.5 million loaned to Martin.

Per their deal, Duane has agreed to sell off a 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 9,200 sq. ft. mansion located in Chatsworth, California. The trustee found a buyer who will be purchasing the pad for $2.45 million.

The $2.45 million will be broken down with $1.5 million going to Will Smith’s company named TB Properties LLC, $122k owed in back rent, $485k to the bankruptcy estate (to be used to pay off creditors) and $170,560 to a company named Roxe LLC.

In newly filed documents, Tisha Campbell-Martin is trying to block her ex Duane Martin’s settlement deal. She believes the deal interferes with money she is owed.

Tisha says the proposed settlement is a “dishonest debtor’s dream. Duane Martin defrauded the estate and it’s creditors in a complex scheme to hide his multi-million-dollar family home, and now stands to walk away not only with his discharge intact, but with a share of the proceeds from the Trustee’s proposed sale of the home.”

The actress has questions on why Duane is pushing the sale quickly. She adds, “The Trustee – well aware of Duane Martin’s penchant for fraud, but wanting to salvage the deal reached at mediation and a quick recovery for the estate – pushed forward with seeking expedited relief.”

Tisha claims the proposed buyer of the home is former “Basketball Wives” star Angel Brinks. Brinks signed a declaration in court stating, “no prior or present dealings, relationships or connections” with Duane Martin and Will Smith. Tisha points out Brinks is somewhat connected.

She points out, “However, it appears from public records that Ms. Brinks is the significant other (since at least mid-2018) of actor Jackie Long – who formerly co-starred with Duane Martin on the Real Husbands of Hollywood, and appears to be close with Will Smith. While there may be a plausible coincidental explanation for what appears to be, at a minimum, a “connection” between Ms. Brinks and the players in the subject litigation, such explanations seem less plausible against the backdrop of the documented fraud by Duane Martin, and his prior use of close friends and family members (Michael Martin, Will Smith, Derek Folk) to conceal his continued interest in the Property.”

Tisha wants the court to step in and shut down the proposed sale.

In the original fraud lawsuit, The trustee alleged Duane set up a company named Roxe LLC to conceal ownership of the 9,000 sq. ft. mansion. Duane originally bought the home in 2006 for $900,000. He then borrowed $1.9 million for the purpose of constructing the “Martin family home.”

Duane then defaulted on his loan and negotiated a short sale with the bank, and he used Roxe to buy the home back from the bank using a $1.4 million loan from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Roxe LLC became the owner and Duane and Tisha allegedly entered into a lease with their own company to pay rent of $5,000 per month.

In early 2018, Duane listed the home for $2,695,000 with the intention of pocketing all of the sales proceeds in excess of the loan given by Will and Jada, meaning he would pocket $1.3 million if sold at asking price.

The trustee said the lease was a sham and Duane and Tisha didn’t make all the payments on the house.

The suit demanded Duane be forced to turn over the home to the bankruptcy estate and be used to benefit his creditors. To be clear, there were no allegations that Will or Jada did anything wrong or had any knowledge of any alleged wrongdoings.

During the battle, docs filed revealed Will Smith had been subpoenaed by the trustee and was forced to turn over financial records and private emails and texts with Duane Martin regarding the loan and home.

In emails obtained by the trustee, it showed that Will Smith and his team had grave concerns about loaning his friend Duane over a million dollars save his home from foreclosure

The entire fraud lawsuit was to be dismissed per their settlement. Tisha is trying to throw a wrench in the deal. A judge has yet to rule.


Lyfe Jennings Charlemagne the God And others who crucify his new song Which involves the word slaveDon’t have a clue because it’s just a naughty sex talk song.

We spoke with the Singer a few days after Charlemagne and /Comedian Amanda Seales Teamed up on social media to put the spotlight On Lyfes new tune entitled slave. It’s got some seemingly questionable lyrics which CTG and AS mocked mercilessly

For the record, Lyfe sings the following…

Got your ass hopping like a frog.. Got your leg shaking like two wet dogs..This ain’t the part we fall in love..This is the part we kiss and fuck.. Then he explicitly mentioned slaves..Saying.. I’m gone beat it like a slave..So you don’t run away..Got the whips and the chains.. call me master..Nasti Muzik Yea?!

Lyfe also makes a point about PC/cancel culture — which he thinks has gotten way out of hand … and is more like outright bullying now. A Nigga Can’t Say Nothing No More!

Through Tears and Confetti, Wendy Williams Announces Show Renewal Through 2022

Not even a full episode into its 11th season, Wendy Williams announced that her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, will return for a 12th and 13th. Williams teased the news that her show has been picked up through the 2021-22 season multiple times leading up to the announcement at the end of Monday’s Season 11 premiere.

In true Wendy fashion, she cried and talked about her bra from behind a clear podium before sharing the news. “I got through almost the whole show without shedding a tear. It’s pretty good, though, huh?” she said, before extolling the virtues of the strapless bra she was wearing. 

And then: “The Wendy show has been renewed thorough 2022.” Variety confirmed that she was referring to the 2021-22 season, which would be the show’s 13th. Last season saw several Wendy Williams Show hiatuses as well as Williams announcements that she had temporarily checked into a sober-living facility and that she had filed to divorce her husband Kevin Hunter. Rumors that the show was on its way out, it seems, were wildly exaggerated. The purple chair lives to see another day.

‘The End of ‘Basketball Wives?”: Jennifer Williams’ Curious Mention of ‘Next Chapter’ Has Fans Wondering

At any given moment, Jennifer Williams may be at odds with some of her “Basketball Wives” co-stars, but she’s certainly not going at it with fans, as they are adoring her new hairstyle.

The reality TV star debuted a sophisticated new bob on Instagram Monday as she thanked her management team for closing the deal on a new development she has in the works.

Excited about my next chapter… Thank you to my manager @deannamorales for always having my front and back. I love you D! #ForwardIsTheMotion #MoneyMakingMonday ?,” Williams captioned a photo posing in a flirty hot pink two-piece set and a cream-colored handbag with matching strappy heels.

Fans were largely taken by her new, shorter ‘do.

“Come On Bob!!!!!!! ?”

“that hair is a game changer!! Beautiful”

“Love this hair on you ?”

“Your hair is soooo chic!!!”

And they were also left praising the reality star for her secret business move, which some took to mean Williams may be through with the VH1 series she joined in 2010.

“Take It To The Bank ??”

“Yyasss Money Making Monday / get it ladies”

“So, is this finally the end of #BBWives ???”‘

“Next chapter? Done with BBW? I won’t blame you if you did.”

This is not the first time chatter has emerged about Williams coming back for another season of “Basketball Wives.” In May, the Classy Girl Wardrobe founder puzzled fans when she shared a video promoting the upcoming eighth season of the show.

“I thought you wouldn’t be coming back. I thought actually you said you were done!”

“You went back on this ??‍♀️ too much drama.”

“Noooooo.. they did you so dirty last season! You’re better than this! Why go back?! I hate how they ganged up on you.”

Williams opened up about continuing the show on “The Breakfast Club” in September 2018, following a blowout season finale where co-star Malaysia Pargo hurled a table Williams’ way.

“I honestly would like to move forward in my life,” she told the New York-based radio show. “I still am under contract, so I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I do know that allegedly the production company got fired, so I don’t know what’s gonna [happen] with the show, but I just want to move forward.”

It remains to be seen whether Williams will make season 8 her last one. But along the way it seemed as though she managed to at least make amends with longtime friend Evelyn Lozada, whom Williams had become estranged from last season. However, Wednesday’s night episode proved otherwise.

Scrappy, Get the Strap’: Momma Dee Wraps Her Leg Around 50 Cent and Sends the Internet Into Overdrive

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Momma Dee was on her worst behavior Saturday night when she ran into rapper 50 Cent and decided to show him some love — a little too much love, some fans say.

The pair posed for a photo at Drai’s Beachclub Nightclub in Las Vegas, with Momma Dee wrapping her arm, and her leg, tightly around the “Many Men” rapper. Dee, the mother of “Crime Mob” rapper Lil Scrappy, dazzled in a two piece white and black sequined ensemble and showed off an equally flashy pair of heels, which fans got a peek at as 50 Cent cradled her leg on his hip.

“@50cent we’re back in strive again. Vegas the life I live!” Dee, whose real  name is Deborah Bryant, captioned the photo.

The up close and personal photo proved too much to handle for some fans, while others cheered Momma Dee for living her very best life.

“Scrappy get the strap!??,” one fan commented.

“Scrappy gon put them paws on somebody! Lol ??” another joked.

Fellow reality star Dr. Heavenly Kimes wrote: “Oooh you are living!!! Love you!”

Another fan agreed and said, “Moms D living her best life ❤”

“Ooouuu I would love to have my legs wrapped around 50?” a jealous commenter chimed in.

Another fan asked, “where’s Ernest?” referring to Dee’s husband Ernest Bryant.

The scandalous photo comes almost a year after Bryant said he was ready to throw in the towel after an explosive fight with Dee on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.” The pair, who wed in 2015, were struggling with marital issues at the time and just could not seem to get on the same page.

A fight broke out after Bryant told Dee he no longer felt a sexual attraction toward her. Their scuffle ended with Dee striking her husband and Bryant dubbing his wife a “b—h,” after which he packed his bags and threatened to hit the road.

“I was feeling all these feelings and I just wanna leave,” he said in his confessional. “I just got fed up with everything was ready to go. I just hate at the time I was talking at the top of my head and was mad.”

Ultimately, Bryant decided to stay and work out his issues with Dee. The two remain married today.