Open Legs Open Marriage.. Nene Leakes’ Interaction with Peter Thomas Leads Fans to Draw Conclusions About Her Intentions

Peter Thomas recently linked up with pal Nene Leakesin Miami and after a dinner that left “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star in a silly mood Thomas whipped out his phone to record. But Leakes’ captured interaction with Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband had online onlookers thinking something was brewing between the two.

Leakes was in town for her Ladies of Success event meant to motivate and uplift businesswomen. Thomas was in The Magic City managing his Bar One sports bar in the city.

Peter can’t go out tonight because his girl has him on a leash,” Leakes says referring to Thomas’ girlfriend of the last two years, Toni Scott. “A dog [leash] and it’s very tight. She’s choking him! I’m just here in Florida for a few hours! Peter can’t go nowhere, honey. I feel so bad.”

“You think that’s what it is?” Thomas replies, “Because if I tell her right now we’re going to the strip club, she’s gon’ be running with us.

As Leakes insisted she was right, Thomas insisted she was wrong. While the playful banter continued, Leakes leaned her head on Thomas’ shoulder and stuck her tongue out for the camera.

“Crazy ass @neneleakes. Trying me real hard right, I can’t stand the pressure ???? @baronemiamibeach,” read Thomas’ video caption.

The interaction came weeks after a preview for “RHOA” season 12 aired showing Leakes speaking to husband Gregg Leakes about open relationships, which may have fueled fans’ speculation.

“That’s why she wants an open relationship with Greg so she can open her legs to Peter”

“@alextarzanhunter that part? been scoping on Peter for a while…now that he’s not with Cynthia anymore and her n Greg having issues she trying to see what that thang do? and she wrong for saying his woman got him on a leash that’s very disrespectful to her…smh,” a follower agreed.

“@alextarzanhunter yup she been wanting Peter too, way back when he was with Cynthia smh,” another replied backing up the initial commenter.

Whatttt. What do we have here? ??Nene u done had one too many girl. Not to mention you all up in mr Peter face. I guess the open relationship panned out. But Mr.Thomas mm ?? is this some type of jab at Cynthia for what’s about to transpire???? ??????‍♂️??‍♂️ @neneleakes @peterthomasrhoa”

Yet Thomas jumped into the comments to shut down that speculation.

“@ykmc3c No sweetheart, what we have here is two friends having fun on a business weekend, in case you didn’t know this is ladies of success weekend and it was curated at Bar one Miami Beach last night, now go sit your ass down somewhere.??????,” he said.

Nene and Thomas have been pals at least since Thomas’ days on “RHOA,” which came during his engagement and marriage to Bailey. After that marriage ended, Thomas left the show but his friendship with the Leakes has continued.

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