Ooop! Loni Love Calls Out Blac Chyna For Shadily Skipping Out On ‘The Real’ & Costing Them THOUSANDS

Auntie Loni has absolutely zero time for someone’s shady shenanigans.

If you watched Monday’s episode of “The Real” you may have noticed that Blac Chyna was scheduled to be the big guest of the day to discuss her “The Real Blac Chyna” reality show.

As the show was airing with guest host Amanda Seales however, it became increasingly clear that there was trouble afoot and Blac Chyna was nowhere to be found. By the end of the show, cohost Loni Love tried to play off Chy’s absence by saying she “took too long to get dressed” and they had to end the show without her.

“The Real’s” social media team also made light of Chyna’s absence with a photo of their hosting couch completely empty.

In the comments, however, Auntie Loni wasn’t in the mood for games and she swiftly told a fan what really happened; Chyna skipped out and wasted the talk show’s time AND money.

What some folks don’t realize is that was two segments we could have given to someone that really need to promote something…,” wrote Loni in an Instagram comment.

“They not letting everyone in other talk shows especially people of color…we took a chance…then we had to fill the time…that [sic] thousands of dollars gone to waste”


Some fans speculated that Chyna’s absence was in part due to her allegiance to her “big sis” Wendy Williams…

but if that’s the case, then why accept “The Real’s” invite in the first place????

What do YOU think about Blac Chyna skipping out on “The Real”???

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