Only A Mother Could Love This Ugly MF ?Q.C Pierre “Pee” Thomas Thieving Ass Dumps His Two Baby Mommas For This Whoraaaa

Pee already moving onto his next woman?

Despite welcoming two new babies this year with Lira Galore and Kaylar Will, Quality Control’s Pieere “Pee” Thomas is already moving on to his next woman. Over the weekend, the QC mogul was spotted down in Atlanta holding hands with mystery woman Yineth Moreno, who according to her IG is a Columbian model. There’s little known about Moreno at this moment, other than she might have a couple kids and is another smoke show fucking a Gorilla to secure the bag..

Now this isn’t confirmation of any sort of relationship, but it does look like they had a good time that night. Or at the very least are enjoying each other’s company. Previously, Pee dated and proposed to model Lira Galore. They split after just a few months together but Lira also wound pregnant around the same time as his ex-girlfriend Kaylar Will.

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