Omarosa Responds to Criticism That She’s a ‘Sellout’ for Supporting President Trump

*Omarosa appeared on the “Becoming Dope” podcast recently and addressed the negative criticism that she’s a sellout over her previous support of President Donald Trump.

“It’s not really what they call you, it’s what you answer to. Those are folks who never had the courage to get in the arena. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and in the cheap seats, throwing allegations and labels,” she said of her haters. 

“The names are meant to paralyze you. These are names that are thrown at you by people who sit behind screens and monitors and do absolutely nothing… You can call me whatever you want, but doing nothing while this country is going through one of the most divisive periods in our recent history, I think that’s an indictment towards them, not against me,” Omarosa added. 

Since her departure from the White House, Omarosa authored a tell-all book titled “Unhinged,” which was critical of the president and his administration. She also released secretly recorded tapes of her encounters with White House officials.

The Trump campaign filed a complaint against her in August 2018 for violating a confidentiality agreement.

In June 2019, the Justice Department sued her for allegedly failing to file a required financial disclosure report in 2017.

During the “Becoming Dope podcast,” she also revealed that she still receives calls for her advice since her White House exit.

Black people call me saying ‘There’s nobody on the inside’, and I need assistance… We always need a voice, we always need an advocate.”

Last year, she filed a motion seeking to join a lawsuit against the Trump presidential campaign alleging pay discrimination.

“To hear that there were so many other women who got paid 20 percent less across the board, I’m talking about on the state level, the local level and national level … I wanted to join the efforts,” she said during an interview on MSNBC.

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