Omarion Granted Custody Of Love & Hiphop Apryl’s Kids!!

R&B singer Omarion was granted custody of his two children with reality star Apryl Jones. The exact details of Omarion and Apryl’s child custody arrangement are confidential, but Apryl spilled to the public some of the issues she’s facing.

In a video she recorded a year ago, Apryl bragged about giving Omarion custody of their two kids, so that she can “work.” According to Apryl, Omarion’s court-ordered child support was “too little” for her to stay and take care of her children full time.

According to her, Omarion’s measly child support payments does not allow her to get a nanny or even a babysitter for her kids. She also doesn’t get any help from his family with caring for the children and her family is in Chicago, while she mandated to stay in California so the kids can be close to their father.

Apryl says she has no household help or childcare and needs the other parent to step up so she can work – and gave the singer custody of the children instead.

Apryl told her followers on Live, “[Omarion] is gonna take his kids as he should.” Adding, “Y’all are gonna see him with his kids more, and y’all are gonna see me working more.”

And Apryl talked about her child visitation schedule with her two kids. Apryl told fans, “I’ll see [my kids] here and there, but [Omarion] needs to be full time.”

After the video was filmed, we have seen Omarion more with his kids. And Apryl has been “working” more – filming Love & Hip Hop with her new boyfriend Lil Fizz.

Omarion and Apryl have two children, 3-year-old daughter A’mei Kazuko Grandberry and 5-year-old Megaa Omari Grandberry

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