Oh No She Didn’t…British Bigot Calls Meghan Markle ‘Five Clicks Up From Trailer Trash’

A British journalist is under fire for making disparaging comments about Meghan Markle. Victoria Mather whose been touted as a “Vanity Fair Royals Watcher,” was a guest on MSNBC Live on Saturday and said that “many people” consider the Duchess of Sussex to be only “five clicks up from trailer trash.”

“I think what has really, really upset the British public is that Meghan Markle, who many people consider as only, you know, five clicks up from trailer trash, has actually tried to disrespect the queen,” said Mather. “And the queen is the most respected person, most respected woman, in the world.”

This. Is. Absolute. Bollocks. Bruv.

The interview was immediately shut down after the comment but it still made its rounds on social media. That’s where Mather’s catching heat for being the latest British bigot to unfairly attack Meghan literally for no reason. People want her fired and we agree.

It’s qWHITE clear why Brits like this are STILL mad about Meghan, can you even blame her for stepping down from her position as part of the Royal Family???

All the while another obsessed Brit was offering their rancidly racist opinion, Meghan was spotted looking effortlessly polished, professional and UNBOTHERED alongside Prince Harry and fellow members of the Royal Family at the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey.

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