Off His Meds…Why Fans Are Worried About Kanye West’s Mental Health

Kanye West has a very long history of problematic behavior, but he has managed to reach a whole new level of bizarre in the past few weeks. The iconic rapper just released his latest album, Jesus Is King, and in his efforts promoting the album, West has given a number of interviews where he’s said concerning, unusual things.

In fact, some of the things West has said are so out-there that fans are wondering whether or not he could be experiencing an all-new set of problems with his mental health. Keep reading to learn about West’s history of mental health problems, what he’s said recently, and whether or not he could be hospitalized again soon.

Ever since West burst on the scene with his iconic album The College Dropout, he had a reputation for unpredictable behavior. From walking the red carpet at awards shows with a bottle of liquor in his hand to grabbing the microphone from Taylor Swift and hijacking her acceptance speech, no one ever really knew what West would do from one moment to the next.

However, it wasn’t until 2016 when West seemingly suffered a collapse. In late 2016, during a highly-publicized concert tour, West was admitted to the hospital, apparently suffering from extreme mental and physical exhaustion, which was causing “erratic behavior.” 

Following his release from the hospital, West was sent home to rest with his family, with fans still in the dark as to what exactly was going on with the rapper. It wasn’t until several years later when West would attempt to shed a little bit of light on his mental health situation.

In May 2019, West sat down with famous late-night host David Letterman and talked about his diagnosis and how it affects his life. He revealed that he has been diagnosed as bipolar and that the condition occasionally causes him to go through periods of being “ramped up.” West stated that during his “ramped up” episodes, he feels what he described as a “heightened connection to the universe.”

West has also been open about the fact that while he has been prescribed medication for his bipolar disorder, he sometimes goes off his medication. It is likely that these periods of going off medication has led West to say some of the more bizarre things that he has said over the past several years. 

A few of his extremely controversial statements have included, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” “slavery sounds like a choice,” and that his “greatest pain in life” is the fact that he will never be able to see himself performing live. Still, his most recent comments might just take the cake. 

While out promoting his album Jesus Is King, West sat down with radio host Big Boy for a revealing, somewhat disturbing interview. During the course of the interview, West claimed that Democrats have “brainwashed” black Americans for decades, “making us abort our children.” 

Big Boy confronted West directly about his controversial support for President Donald Trump, asking if West was afraid of losing his audience. West responded that he is “only afraid of God.” West ended the interview on a very bizarre note, saying that he’s not telling anyone “not to vote Democrat” and that he loves Obama, Wingstop, and lemonade. 

West’s ramblings immediately caused concern among the fanbase, and critics are wondering if this latest rant is a sign that the rapper is nearing another collapse. Some reports have even claimed that his wife, Kim Kardashian, is growing increasingly concerned with West’s mental state.

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