O.T. Genasis Suggests Keyshia Cole Might Be Behind “Never Knew” Removal

The side-eye says it all.

There’s been a ton of great music that’s come out this year but truthfully, O.T. Genasis’ cover of Keyshia Cole’s “Love” might be a personal favorite in 2019. “Never Knew” was a new side of O.T. Genasis that no one’s ever seen before. 

Unfortunately, Keyshia Cole herself wasn’t a big fan of it and aired out her frustrations on Instagram. She even said it was “not cool.” “Some people be like, “You should be happy you getting anything” type mentality. No. Thats not my vibe. I kno what I deserve .. unapologetically,” she tweeted. She later said she found it funny. 

With that in mind, it wasn’t entirely shocking when O.T. Genasis hit Instagram to declare that his version, “Never Knew” was taken down from YouTube. There isn’t any official word on if Keyshia Cole was involved in getting it removed but it appears as though O.T. Genasis does think that it’s very possible. TMZ recently caught O.T at the airport where they inquired about “Never Knew” removal from YouTube. Now, the rapper didn’t specifically mention her by name but every time that the cameraman brought it up, he simply replied with a side-eye.

“It’s a lot of people saying a whole bunch of different things but I’mma look into it,” he said. “You know, once I find out, I’m gonna expose you. Whoever it is.”

Even though he admits that it’s meant to “pay homage,” his message to Keyshia Cole is solely his side-eye.

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