Now Angela I was rooting for you girl.. No Mam Pam…Twitter Says Angela Bassett Over-Botoxed Her Face At Emmys!!

Legendary actress and beauty Angela Bassett is being accused of overusing Botox at this weekend Emmy Awards.

Angela, who is 61 years old, is gorgeous by any measure. But lately, the actress has begun using Botox – in greater and greater doses.

And on Sunday, her face appeared to be frozen in place. And there’s more, she had an unusual dimple on the left  side of her face.

Angela’s fans (and haters) took to Twitter to comment on what they called the actress’ “over-Botoxing.” Here are some of the comments on social media..

She looks an old mess..

Why did she circumcise her face??

She needs to stop!

That sh*t ages people so bad. I don’t know why people are trying to hold onto youth. She’s not holding onto you… j/s

She looks like she wants to cry and laugh at the same time. Her facial muscles are crying out for help.

She Use To take snatched to a whole new level.

Not anymore…

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