Not Again Kevin.. Kevin Hart Hit With $60M Lawsuit By Woman In Sex Tape

Kevin Hart’s sex tape partner claims Hart Conspired with a friend to secretly record their encounter, and now she’s suing him for $60M.

Montia Sabbag Claims in a new lawsuit her 2007 Encounter with Hart at a Vegas hotel was planned by Hart and JT Jackson his friend who was later arrested for extortion.

She said Hart was motivated by publicity..The need to get more. Especially with an upcoming comedy tour and that’s why he and JT hid the cameras.

The suit claims that Hart allowed Jackson into a Cosmopolitan Hotel suits so he could hide the cameras to capture the liaison

Jackson was later charged with 2 counts of extortion relating to alleged efforts to get money out of Hart to keep the tapes under wraps. Jackson denied ever extorting Kevin.

Hart has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the recording.. Claiming he, too was a Victim of Jackson’s extorting attempts.

You recall Kevin later apologized or his infidelity and was adamant nobody should profit off of his mistakes.

Kevin Hart is having a BAD month.

Get well soon Kev!

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