No Empathy? Moniece Says Fizz & Apryl Refused To Help With Son While She Suffered Recent “Nervous Breakdown”

Moniece Slaughter is pulling Apryl and her “bestie” Lil Fizz‘s co-parenting cards! The three adults have been trying to hash out their difference after Moniece blasted Apryl for secretly dating her baby daddy. Moniece said her issue was with Fizz and Apryl allegedly turning her own son against her and advising the boy to lie to her.

Now, Moniece has another issue with Apryl and Fizz. She says they refused to care for her son when she expressed the need to check into an inpatient clinic for depression.

On Monday’s #LHHH, Apryl spilled her heart out about Fizz “being there” for her after her Omarion breakup up took a toll on her mental health. Now, Moniece is pointing out the irony in Fizz AKA Dreux actually caring about her mental health. The mother says she recently tried to contact the couple about taking her son off her hands while she experienced a “nervous breakdown”, but they hung up in her face.

Mo claims she actually checked herself into a hospital to treat her condition and after alerting Fizz, he allegedly told her he didn’t care. Wow.

Damn. I was dying too. BECAUSE OF DREUX! 102lbs. Not sleeping. Not eating. Depressed. Not drinking my life away. But definitely drowning in tears out of desperate for the disrespect to stop. The restoration and healing of our Co-Parenting relationship to begin because kam was/is paying the price behaviorally & emotionally. Confusion as to why the apologies for dogging me then apologizing me then flippin the script at the beginning of every season.

And when I called two weeks ago because I was having a nervous break down, I had to call Apryl to get a hold of him. When she put him on the phone and I said I was struggling and wasn’t sure how I was gonna make it through my week with kam and asked for their help. He told me figure out. Pull it together it was my week. Call my parents. And hung up. Called to say I was trying to check into an inpatient depression behavioral center. He said great. Why are you calling. We have nothing to talk about. And hung up in my face. Then text me and told me he doesn’t care what happened to me.

Moniece’s comment is written under this video clip of Apryl praising Fizz for helping her through a tough time. Do you think she’s being genuine here?

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