Nipsey Hussle’s 11 Yr Daughter Put Out Of House – Mom Does Damage Control

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the murder of LA rapper Nipsey Hussle. And on his one year anniversary, a very disturbing video of the legendary rapper’s 11-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom leaked online.

Emani went on IG Live and posted a video – where she explained that her mother had “put her out” of their home, whilee they were cleaning.

Emani was forced to stand outside in the blazing sun and sweltering heat by her mother Tanisha, ‘Chyna Hussle’ Foster. Emani also claims that she was not allowed inside either her home, or her grandfather’s home.

Well this morning, Emani’s mother Chyna is trying to do a little damage control…

Chyna Hussle shared pictures of herself and Emani making kissy faces and another picture of Emani lighting blue candles in Nipsey’s memory.

It’s not clear how long Emani was forced to stay outside of her home for:

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