Nicki Minaj’s husband is getting roasted by Iwer fans

Road March King Iwer George is aware of the controversy surrounding a brief interaction with the husband of Trini-born American rapper Nicki Minaj on Carnival Tuesday. But he is not concerning himself with it.

Iwer’s manager Andrew Bailey said the soca star is focused on his successful Carnival season, having won both the Power Soca Monarch crown and the 2020 Road March title.

Social media is however ablaze with criticism for Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty, after a videoclip circulated showing him elbowing away Iwer’s hand as he reached out towards Minaj, during a performance.

Iwer seemed unbothered in the clip and continued on with his performance.

Minaj and Petty were in Trinidad for Carnival and spent some time atop a Tribe music truck where the incident took place.

Some viewed Petty’s action as a “snub”.

“Doh come Trinidad and disrespect we water lord,” one person commented.

This is totally disrespectful to our artiste. Nicki should have left him home!”

Others made light of the situation joking that Petty did not appreciate Iwer’s “hanhanhanhanhanhan”.

Some were of the view that Iwer was in Petty’s “personal space” and should not have been that close to the couple.

Nevertheless, Bailey said Iwer is not going to speak on the issue.

Iwer will however hold a media conference to speak on his Carnival season and the massive success of “Stage Gone Bad”, a collaboration with Kees Diefenthaller.

The hit dominated Carnival Monday and Tuesday, being played a total of 386 times.

Iwer also took the Road March second place with “Conch Shell” a collaboration with Machel Montano and Skinny Fabulous. That song was played 95 times.

Nadia Batson’s “Fatt” took the third spot, being played 9 times.

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