Nicki Minaj Reacts To Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty Running With Paparazzi, Here Is What Happen

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty told the paparazzi, “stop playing with me.”

Petty is a man of few words, and he apparently has zero-tolerance for the paparazzi after he bluntly and aggressively tells them to leave him alone. “Megatron” rapper Nicki Minaj recently tied the knot with her high school sweetheart Kenneth Petty on October 21, 2019. Fans were thrilled for Nicki as she has wanted to settle down and start a family for quite some time now. The pair have officially been together for less than a year. However, Nicki has not been shy about how she feels for Petty. Many fans have never heard him speak, and he mostly serves as the arm candy in Nicki’s photos. Somehow he has won her heart and put a ring on it.

It seems that though we rarely hear him speak, he is a pro at making Nicki laugh, and that is what counts. She recently posted a clip of his run-in with the paparazzi, where he straight up tells them to back off. Although many watching the video would deem his reaction as hostile and uncalled for, Nicki got quite the kick out of it. In the video, Petty can be seen walking in a parking lot carrying food when the paparazzi approach him, and one innocently asked about their marriage, “You alright today? Hey man, how does it feel being married to one of the greatest rappers out there? You should be in a good place right now.” Petty, who was obviously disturbed by the pap’s questions, then bluntly states, “Stop playing with me man, like for real go ahead,” to which the pap casually responds, “Okay, oh that’s what’s up man. Good seeing you today bro. Take care of yourself man.”

Another pap then uses the opportunity to question Petty, “How you doing? real quick, so are you confirmed married? Is it actually official? Do you guys have any honeymoon plans?” Petty ignores the pap all the way to his vehicle where he then hilariously asks a bystander who was next to his SUV, “What’s up kid, how are you doing man? Who are these people? Do you know these people? You don’t know these people? Me neither.” At this point, Petty seems slightly amused but annoyed at the interaction with the paps. Paparazzi unfazed by Petty’s reaction continue to question him.

In response to the video, Nicki tweeted, “The only human who can make me cry laughing by simply being aggravated @ the paps. For the rest of my life when I say “stop playin wit me like, 4 real” y’all know what to respond if u don’t say “oh dats wuts up man, good seeing u today” then we can’t be friends.”

Fans have been bashing Petty for his actions stating that he has no right to behave like he did, while some have been defending him saying that he has made it clear in the past that he does not do interviews. One fan stated, “He should be grateful people wanna take pictures of him. Imagine being relevant because of your girl. Humble yo self.” While another added, “Nicki got him trained correctly.”

One thing is certain; he will definitely come in contact with a lot of paparazzi being Nicki Minaj’s husband, so he might need to try developing a calmer, more welcoming demeanor. On the other hand, paps have been through their fair share of hostility and have probably built up a high tolerance level.

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