Nicki Minaj labelled “corny” after telling racy dancers to get away from husband Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj is being trolled after sharing a video, where she tells NYFW dancers to “get away” from her husband Kenneth Petty.

Nicki Minaj, 37 has been trolled after sharing a ‘corny’ video with her husband Kenneth Petty, 41 at New York Fashion week on Wednesday

The Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2020 runway show featured a fantastic performance with dancers interacting with the crowd. However, Minaj jokingly did not want the dancers to get too close to Petty.

After Nicki shared a video of her lip locking Petty, , she recorded a n Instagram Live video of the dancers surrounding both her, and Petty.

In the video Minaj shouts “Ya’ll better get away from my man, I know that ! Hahaha, don’t bet thotting over here around my man chile”

Fans have reacted to the video, after TheShadeRoom reposted it from Minaj’s Instagram Live. The comments underneath the video were swamped with fans calling Minaj ‘over protective’.

One Instagram user wrote “Nobody Want Kenny?? He Look Like He Gonna Serve Somebody Some Weed At Fashion Week lmao”.

As one of the dancers approach her and Petty, Minaj is heard saying “B**ch, you better move ! B**ch you better move from my husband. Hahahaha !”

“Uh uh miss thing, you better keep it pushing chile. I know you ain’t just massage my husband back”.

A user on Instagram wrote “Lowkey that was corny…” while another wrote “He look like being held hostage. Like he dead scared to look at one of them. Lmfaoo”. 

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