Nicki Minaj Is Dissed Again…

DJ Akademiks has tried to get back into the rap game with a diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj, titled “Take Care Babe.” And while the musician expected strong, positive responses from his fans, that was not quite the case. 

The track ended up backfiring, and drew a lot of negativity towards him, with many people mocking him and calling him out for his inappropriate behavior. The song was officially uploaded to the DJ’s YouTube channel, where it quickly grew in popularity. 

However, it looks like most people checking out the track were doing so to confirm the rumors floating around about its quality — namely, that it was garbage. 

Many immediately started criticizing the piece on various fronts. Some noted that the lyrics were weak, while others compared the beat to something a high school SoundCloud rapper would use on his tracks.

This comes not long after DJ Akademiks made the public claim that Nicki Minaj had “put a hit” on him, apparently not joking about the situation either. 

Akademiks added that if anything happened to him, people should be pointing fingers at Nicki. 

Back then, that statement generated a lot of controversies, and not many people were fond of the musician calling out his fellow entertainer publicly like that.

It does not look like he has gained a lot more support since then, either, as many people are still on the side of Nicki for the time being. 

Whether that will change in the future is hard to tell. DJ Akademiks cannot stop talking about Nicki.

He recently said: “Ask her about Drake. Ask her why the f*ck is her music flopping. Megatron’ went on the charts and fell the f*ck off in four weeks.”

Akademiks added: “You can rap better than Cardi, but Cardi making better songs. When you engage with me, I have the right to speak about your music failures, and you have a lot, Nicki. You are a queen or a legend, I can never take that from you, but right now, you are drowning.”

It is unlikely that Nicki will take the bait on this one because she is busy living her life away from the cameras and trying to start a family and get married. The famous femcee seems to have moved on from the spotlight.

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