Nick Cannon Leaks Audio Of Eminem Calling Black Girls ‘Dumb’!!

Nick Cannon has dropped yet another Eminem diss track – making it the third one since his beef with the rapper was reignited.

The new diss track is titled “Canceled: Invitation,” which features an unreleased clip from an Em song apparently recorded back in 1998.

In the clip, Em can be heard saying, “Black girls are b*tches, Black girls are dumb,” Em also raps that “Black girls and white girls just don’t mix, because Black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks.”

Em is not known for dating Black girls.

Nick calls Em out, he spits:

“We let you be a guest in this house but now you canceled, Slim/ Had to put my motherf*cking turban on/ Outside your motherf*ckin’ suburban home/ Protesting with AKs and guns/ Our queens don’t need your racism/ You’re the KKK of this generation.”

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