NFL lineman Malik McDowell was just sentenced to JAIL for fighting a cop in Feb. — but he’s also been ordered to write multiple lengthy essays about the law … for real.

For example, McDowell must submit a 1,000-word paper to the court on “Finding Meaning In Life Other Than Committing Crimes.”

Also, another 750-word essay on “Principles of Declaration of Independence and How Your Behavior Undermines Them.”

His other two assignments — two more 750-word papers on “Importance of Respecting the Rule of Law” and “Importance of Respecting Property Rights.”


It stems from the Feb. 18 incident in Lathrup Village, Michigan when McDowell — a 2017 2nd round pick of the Seattle Seahawks — was pulled over for a routine traffic violation and ended up brawling with the officer in a gas station.

Video of the incident, obtained by TMZ Sports, showed cops ultimately using a taser to subdue the 6’6″, 300-pound defensive lineman. He was charged with multiple felonies including assault and resisting arrest.

Just a few months later in April, McDowell was arrested again … this time after he was accused of stealing a $75,000 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor. He was hit with a felony charge of receiving and concealing stolen property for that incident as well.

McDowell eventually pled guilty to all the charges after cutting a deal with prosecutors last month … and at a hearing Wednesday, a judge sentenced him to jail.

Per a court official, McDowell was ordered to spend 153 days behind bars (with credit for 66 days already served) for the cop fighting case … and an additional 244 days for the truck theft case.

Plus, the judge — famous for handing out unusual sentences — ordered McDowell to complete at least 4 essays. McDowell played his college ball at Michigan State — hopefully he attended a few English classes!

There’s more … McDowell was also ordered to pay fines and fees as well as complete some testing and a substance abuse treatment program.

Of course, it’s a solid deal for McDowell, who was facing MULTIPLE years behind bars for the crimes.

Malik — who’s still an NFL free agent — has yet to play a down in the league after he was cut by the Seahawks in 2018 because of injuries. It’s unclear if his Wednesday sentencing will signal the end of his NFL career.

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