NeNe Leakes blasts son for endangering her and husband Gregg

NeNe Leakes says she ripped into her son Brent because his cavalier attitude about social distancing is leaving her husband Gregg vulnerable to the virus

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star took to Instagram story to share how she had to read her son for filth because she fears his frequent trips outside and in public could endanger her and especially her husband’s life.

Gregg Leakes, as most RHOA fans know, recently emerged from successful cancer treatment and he’s 63 years old, two issues that are of major concern to wife NeNe Leakes.

Baller Alert and The Blast captured the now-deleted IG post where Leakes expressed her anger to her fans.

“First of all, I’m upset with my youngest son. And I’m upset because he had been doing good, he had been staying in since this whole thing started,” she said in the video. At first, the parents agreed to let the young man out of the house to alleviate boredom.

“His dad and I were like ‘Okay, just ride around and get in your car and ride around. Use social distancing. Don’t’ talk to anybody,’” she said according to The Blast.

The Leakes parents’ mood about their son’s whereabouts, however, changed the next day. “Then today, he asked his dad if he could go out again.” NeNe Leakes said she became angry when she called her son and heard other voices.

“When I called him, I could hear other guys in the background. So I know he was around guys and I’m really getting pissed off. It’s after 8 o’clock, he’s just now heading this way,” she said according to The Blast. “His curfew is at 9. And he could have me or Gregg sick, that’s my whole thing. A lot of the young people don’t seem to understand how serious this is. Especially for someone who has had some sort of health issue in the past.”

After she got over her anger, or perhaps because of it, NeNe Leakes posted an IG message to young people to start taking the terms “social distancing” and “quarantine” more seriously.

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