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NeNe Leakes Aint No Moe Money Bitch Leaks had to make a very personal confession after someone came at her sideways for not giving them a birthday shout-out … revealing her husband is on his death bed.

The ‘RHOA’ alum popped up at the Linnethia Lounge in Duluth, GA … which she often frequents. For this appearance, though, things got testy between NL and some patrons who were celebrating a born day … and who apparently asked NeNe for some words on the mic.

Sounds like NeNe might’ve been called “rude” by one or more of these guests … because she did end up getting on stage to address them, but not in the way they were hoping.

NeNe is gracious and wishes whoever a happy birthday, but goes on to explain that her longtime hubby, Gregg, was literally at home transitioning to the other side … meaning, he’s dying fast. NeNe says he won’t be here in the next few days.

She takes umbrage with the fact that the birthday crew caught an attitude with her, as she says they don’t know what she and her son — who was by her side — are going through.

NeNe also posted something online that hints that the end for Gregg is either near, or perhaps here. He’s battled colon cancer on and off for the past several years … and now, it appears the Leakes family might lose him. NeNe’s been married to him on and off since ’97.

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