Ne-Yo Is Back ‘Home’ Chilling With Estranged Wife Crystal Smith…But Is There An Angry Side Chick In The Picture?

Separated couple Crystal Smith and Ne-Yo have been apparently quarantining together under one roof, but was she trying to tease his “side chick”?

Crystal took to Instagram yesterday to seemingly shade all the side chicks suffering while their married boyfriends were cooped up in the house with their families during this coronavirus health crisis which mandates folks to stay home in most areas on the United States. The meme read:

Sidechicks y’all ok…U miss that woman’s husband huh?”

The meme would just seem like a random joke if Crystal and Ne-Yo weren’t so public about their pending divorce, so folks in the comments were curious as to why Crystal chose to post THIS meme in particular. Was Ne-Yo creeping? Even weirder flex, in the comments someone asked the Crystal, the mother of Ne-Yo’s two kids, if she had missed her husband and she wrote:

He’s home”

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