Torching police cars and looting stores is NOT what Muhammad Ali would have wanted … so says his ex-wife, Khalilah, who tells TMZ Sportsthe boxing legend would be furious with the George Floydprotests turning violent.

Riots have broken out in many cities across the country after what started as peaceful protests following Floyd’s death … with President Trump calling on the National Guard to try to end the chaos.

While Ali says Muhammad would applaud the people making their voices heard … he wouldn’t be okay with those wreaking havoc to make it happen.

“Muhammad would flip his switch,” Khalilah — who was married to Ali from 1967 to 1976 — tells us. “He would go off on everybody in here.”

“I know that Ali would retaliate. He would really go off on people and I would love to see him romp and rave over these people hurting people, and burning up our businesses, and hurting people in the streets and burning up police cars.”

“That is uncalled for. Ali would not like that at all.”

Khalilah — who was Ali’s adviser for his biggest protest in refusing to fight in the Vietnam War — praises the many who are doing it the RIGHT way … and calls for the violence to stop.

“For the real, honest, nonviolent protesters … keep protesting. Make sure everybody starts learning to vote. Whether you like the system or not, you are the system. So, you can change the world.”

As for Floyd’s death … Ali says there is no excuse for officer Derek Chauvin‘s actions.

“I’m glad Ali was not here to see this.”

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