Monica Encouraged To Give Common A Chance When Talking Dating Life

Monica joined her friends T.I. and Tiny on IG Live where they discussed the singer’s love life and why Common is a good candidate.

It might be time for Monica to find her a new man. There have been rumors that Monica and ex-husband Shannon Brown may have been making plans to reunite, but by the sound of her recent Instagram Live with T.I. and Tiny, it seems that she’s ready to move forward with someone new. “All that good solid self-time that I’ve had over the last year—I acknowledge that I do need a lot of attention, but I give a lot,” Monica said. “I acknowledge that I do need somebody is…I need an old school man in the sense that, even though you can call me hood, you can call me whatever you want to call me…at the end of the day, I still need somebody that’s still a gentleman.”

Tiny added that her friend needs someone “thuggish” or Monica won’t like him, an assertion that the “So Gone” singer seemed surprised by. Tiny added that her friend also needs an intelligent man who “knows some sh*t” and has a hustle mentality. Elsewhere, Monica and T.I. were discussing the possibility of the rapper and Tiny setting her up on a blind date. 

“Your wife suggested that I do a dating show,” Monica said. “A strong blind date chosen by y’all two. I would try that.” Tiny chimed in that Common would be “a good man for somebody.” She then went on to list Common’s admirable qualities without ever mentioning the rumors that the rapper may be in some clandestine relationship with Tiffany Haddish. Watch the videos below and let us know who you think Monica should link up with next.

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