Momma Dee Threatens to Expose Bambi’s Mother + Scrappy Refuses to Back Her

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee got a lot of backlash recently on social media. Fans of the show don’t like how she’s handling her beef with Bambi’s mom Cece. On the episode, Momma Dee handed Cece an obituary she had made for Cece. She figured it was the best way to make it clear that Cece is dead to her.

Her actions did not sit well with Bambi and Scrappy.

Regardless, Momma Dee took to Instagram to post the obituary. She regrets nothing.

As more backlash rolled in, Momma Dee then threatened to expose Cece. And Scrappy has no desire to take up for her actions.

Momma Dee is refusing to let the backlash from “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” viewers make her back off. And she feels like she’s justified in making an obituary for Cece. Cece just beat cancer so Scrappy and Bambi feel Momma Dee took things too far.

But Momma Dee doesn’t see it that way.

In fact, she hopped on Twitter and made some more accusations about Cece. She also said that she plans to expose Cece very soon.

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