Michelle Williams Snaps On Angry Trolls Confusing Her For The Other Michelle Williams

Saved and sanctified Destiny’s Child alum Michelle Williams is SICK and TIRED of being confused with award-winning actress Michelle Williams who delivered a beautiful message to sexist Hollywood bosses devaluing women of color in the industry.

“When a woman, especially a woman of color … tells you what she needs to do her job, listen to her… so that she can succeed because of her environment and not in spite of it,” Williams said to rousing applause.

Naturally, this riled up dusty trolls who attacked Michelle Williams–the wrong Michelle Williams.

THAT Michelle Williams is not the Michelle Williams who responded to the outrage with a hilarious video addressing the mix-up (that we’re sure happens ALL THE TIME), congratulated the other Michelle Williams on her Emmy-winning performance and revealed a side of her we rarely see.

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