Michael B. Jordan’s New Bae Snoh Aalegra Claims She’s Black

Folks, this is not a drill! Michael B. Jordan has a girlfriend. And this one he’s actually claiming. MBJ has been known to have a ‘friend’ every now and then, but he has always gone on the record saying he was “technically single.” Well now, the technicalities have fallen by the wayside, and Jordan is totally taken.

Meet Michael’s new boo, Snoh Aalegra. She’s a singer and has taken full advantage of dating a fine a** man, making him the leading man in her new video “Whoa”.

The new relationship also initiated another discussion — MBJ’s lack of love for Black women. The man who played Killmonger in “Black Panther” has always been accused of dating only white women, and his relationship with Snoh seemed to further cement that belief. However, in a shocking move, Snoh claims she is of Iranian descent and half Black.

Either way Snoh says the only thing white is her name — do you believe her?

She’s also described herself as Middle Eastern and Brown…

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