Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first post-Megxit plans revealed

Meghan Markle‘s sporting a million-dollar grin — to go with the star-studded Kardashian-like lifestyle she is already planning to build with Prince Harry, sources told The Post on Tuesday.

The couple — who reunited in Canada on Monday nightafter their torturous Megxit from the British royal family — are preparing to get down to the business of themselves, sources said.

First off, the pair plans to remain at the $14 million waterfront property owned by a billionaire pal on Vancouver Island for the foreseeable future, sources said.

From their posh digs, the couple will begin building their expected commercial empire, now having the freedom to make millions of dollars and sign a raft of deals benefiting themselves and their pet causes.

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos — who signed up President Barack Obama and wife Michelle to a production deal — has already thrown his company’s hat in the ring in terms of hiring the couple for work.

Who wouldn’t be interested? Yes, sure,” he said.

Top British PR and branding expert Mark Borkowski told The Post that the pair could each expect to rake in at least half a million dollars per speech — and may even set up their own documentary channel.

“With the kind of work that Meghan and Harry want to do, they have to be free from palace protocol and politics,” Borkowski said. “You can’t speak out properly with the Palace breathing down your neck.”

He said the pair is hopefully savvy enough to not make themselves look crass.

“There is a very clever way of being Kardashian-like. People joke about the Kardashians, but look at their enormous value,” the expert said. “Meghan and Harry are clearly connected to a lot of money, they have a fantastic platform. But it needs to be the right money. They can’t be seen to take money from oligarchs and Middle Eastern princes.”

He continued, “I could see them throwing almighty parties every quarter, like Elton John does to raise money for his AIDS foundation, with the great and the good.”

The PR honcho said he could even seen Meghan running for president in 10 years.

“She has that sort of ambition,” he said.

Still, “The main concern is, without a direct connection to the throne, will Oprah and the Clooneys still love them?” Borkowski said.

Patrick Jephson, Princess Diana’s former chief of staff, told The Post that Meghan and Harry have worked hard to make high-powered US pals and connections together.

“They have obviously maintained a growing US network of friends and advisers, and alongside the wholesale trademarking of ‘Sussex Royal,’ they talk a big game of worldwide philanthropy, which is incredibly ambitious,” he said, adding, “But although they say they are working toward financial independence, they cannot profit from their royal connections.

You only have to look at the Duke and Duchess of Windsor or Sarah, Duchess of York, to see that the precedents are not good. There is a blurred line between celebrity and royalty, and royal people cross it at their peril.”

Harry and Meghan are working on the launch of their Sussex Royal Foundation with the New York City PR firm Sunshine Sachs and looking for someone to lead the foundation.

The London Evening Standard reported that Harry already has a number of major charity events in the works.

They will be staged across the US with Sentebale, which supports the mental health and well-being of children and young people affected by HIV in Lesotho and Botswana.

Chairman Johnny Hornby said, “The duke is a global figure, and HIV is a challenge for the world to try to help solve. We know the duke has the ability to challenge the stigma that surrounds HIV and shine a light on these issues, whichever side of the pond he finds himself on.”

Though it remains to be seen where they will finally set up home — Meghan’s mom, Doria, lives in Los Angeles — Canada remains “important to both of them,’’ a source close to them told The Post.

“They’ve loved their time there, it’s so beautiful,” the source said. “These are two people eager for a fresh start, they made this decision together — this was not Meghan deciding for the both of them. She’s been vilified for the most minute actions, from making avocado toast to her British Vogue ‘changemakers’ cover. Show me one person who could withstand this?”

The source added, “And Harry is a man who loves his wife, his child and their family they’re creating together.”

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