Megan Thee Stallion Sends a Shot that Many Believe Is Aimed at Meek Mill

Did Megan Thee Stallion send a shot at Meek Mill on Twitter? That’s what a lot of people are saying after Mill said he was tired of seeing women twerk. 

“Twerking is like a guy with big stacks of money hanging out his pocket so everybody can see lol I tired of seeing all that s–t lol Y’all burnt twerking out ? ? ?,” he tweeted on Thursday, Feb. 27.

Megan’s tweet came later that day and she wrote, “I hate a ‘pick me’ ass n—a sick of these fake woke ass men.”

She then followed that message up and tweeted, “I’m using ‘Pick me’ as when you just saying s–t that you believe will get you a pat on the back/acceptance from other people.”

Megan, who saw mainstream success after she released her 2019 album “Fever,” is heavily known for her twerking. She does it on stage, on social media, and one could say the dance move is part of her overall brand.

So that’s presumably why many believe Megan’s tweet was aimed squarely at Mill, which they stated on Twitter. 

In the comments, some seemed to like that Megan might’ve dissed Mill, and others said she should’ve said who the message is for.

Somebody feelings just got hurt,” someone tweeted about Megan.

“Stop sneak dissing meek,” wrote someone else. 

“PERIODT CALL EM OUT!” a third person weighed in. 

“Shots fired at Meek Mandela,” a fourth person wrote. 

Meanwhile, on Mill’s page, there was at least one woman who agreed with him that the whole twerking thing has run its course.

Wow, i recently just said this,” that person wrote. “I feel like most females now in the industry is built on it but i ain’t gon lie i got some videos but they old. Lmao.”

But there were others who told Meek that he shouldn’t be commenting on what women do, while others applauded him for his message.

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