Megan Thee Pass Around Pony And G-Eazy?!

Well this wasn’t quite the news we expected to see to kick off Black History Month. While all the black people on the internet were rejoicing over a black quarterback winning the Super Bowl, G-Eazy was plotting to confuse us all to start Black History Month. He posted this clip on his IG that has him and Megan Thee Stallion looking VERY cozy together..

He’s sucking all up on her face and that’s one thing but as the video keeps going you see her WHOLE A$$ THIGH all up on him. Why Lord, why?! Did she make sure he bathed at least?

This has everyone confused and slightly outraged. What do you think? Is this real? A publicity stunt? Trolling? WHERE IS JA?!

We The People Say…Tell me i did not just see g eazy suck miss megan thee stallion’s face,, on day 3 of black history month

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